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Platform Updates April 19, 2024

AUTHOR: The Cognitive3D team

New Features & Improvements

  • Live Operations: Weekly Active Devices/Users

  • Live Operations: Retention Table now live on the LiveOps page

  • ExitPoll Results

    • Changed the visualization of question sets with more than two options into bar charts for easy reading

    • Added a dropdown to toggle visualization between raw numbers and the percentage of ExitPoll responses

  • Participant Details now on Dashboard 3.0!

    • Users can now view the Participant Details page

    • See Participant information such as session history, participant properties, objective results

  • SceneExplorer GMT Timestamps on Data Points : We've updated the SceneExplorer graph to show "real" time as GMT timestamps. This will provide a unified time understanding when referencing data or events with other analysis software and tools.

  • Controller Ergonomics: We've improved the controller ergonomics calculation by adding the user's posture as a factor.

  • Sit/Stand Widget The sit/stand feature is now correctly implemented, providing a more accurate representation of the user's posture in sessions.

Bug Fixes

  • Copy Link Button: We've fixed the issue where the Copy Link button for global filters was not copying the URL to the clipboard.

  • Date Filter Selection: We've resolved the issue where the current day could not be selected in the date filter. Now, you can filter to a specific day, including the current day.

  • Filter Dropdowns Search: We've fixed the issue where filter dropdowns were not searching against all values. This affected the Global Filters and Advanced Analysis page. Now, the search function within the filter works correctly and displays all relevant results.

  • Standing Percentage Calculation: We've corrected the standing percentage calculation which was returning a disproportionate number of 0's. The calculation now accurately reflects the sensor values related to user posture.

  • Comfort Widget Ergonomics Display: We've fixed the issue where the Comfort Widget was displaying ergonomics data incorrectly. The data is now accurately represented on the chart.

  • Scene Viewer 404 Error: We've resolved the issue where a 404 error was popping up when loading a Scene in Scene Viewer. The Scene Viewer now loads without this 404 error.

  • Unable to click on a project from the projects list in the Organization Settings: Users can now click on the project name on the list and it will redirect them to the Project Overview page of the chosen project.

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