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Platform Updates May 3, 2024

AUTHOR: The Cognitive3D team

New Features & Improvements

  • SceneExplorer

    • Wireframe Mode

      • Replay sessions in wireframe mode. This allows dynamic objects and participants be more visually prominent during a session playback.

      • You can find this new feature under the Advanced tab in SceneExplorer

    • SceneExplorer UI

      • Improvements made to dropdowns for a clearer UX

      • Added tooltips for Gaze UI dropdown

      • Dynamic Modal Slider added

  • Additions to the Organization Settings

    • Manage My Plan

      • Now on Dash3!

    • Setup your LMS configuration from the Organization settings

      • Did you know you can link up your existing LMS (Learning Management System) to our Objectives system?

    • Custom SSO for Enterprise makes collaborating on a project easier

Bug Fixes

  • Deep Search Function in Filters: Deep search function UI update, now will show deep search button even if there is any search results.

  • Fixed Date Picker doesn’t allow to be clicked once set

  • Fixed Single date selection queries on the same timestamp resulting in no data

  • SceneExplorer

    • Fixed Colour Picker for event sprites in SceneExplorer

    • Camera transition from event graph point to event’s sprite

    • exitpoll.gltf added to SceneExplorer this should now prevent exit-poll-related errors when loading scenes with ExitPoll

    • Fixed aggressive error display

    • Fixed clearing cache when a different version of the scene is loaded

    • Reset default light intensity

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